The Story

In a world where people desire control over relationship, your life is monotonous but seems normal because you have never known anything else.

Your grandparents desperately want you to attend the Guardian Academy1 so you can become a law guardian, which will give you authority and control over what happens in all of Florence2.

Your good deed to rescue Rona, the little Norinan3 girl, will turn your Florian community against you. Nothing you do will ever be the same again.

You will be challenged in ways you could not have imagined, especially by the people you thought cared about you the most. You will need to fearlessly trust your faith and boldly fight for injustice.

1. A selective university where boys are educated to become guardians, the authoritative system of Florence. 2. The land where Florians inhabit, where people used to worship their Spirit together in harmony. 3. The tribe from the Kingdom of Norina, an advanced, atheist dictatorship.

The People

Florian is a narrative game that explores the changes in relationship between the player character and his family, friends, and even enemies as he matures and develops his own identity. He will learn lessons of forgiveness and how to reconcile relationships that have been damaged. Let's meet some people!

    • Rona is a little Norinan girl you save from being assaulted by two Guardian Academy students (in the demo). She is one of the many Norinans living in Florence to escape the oppression of humanity in her kingdom, much to the dismay of many Florian citizens. Your grandparents will not be thrilled to find out you fought your seniors at the Guardian Academy for someone like her.
    • Paul is a priest at the Great Temple, the last house of worship remaining in Florence due to the declining value of worship caused by the power of the guardians. When your loved ones turn against you, Paul invites you to become his student and study the spiritual values Florence was founded upon, so that you can grow your identity as a free individual with your own purpose.
    • Sander is born to a Norinan mother and an unknown Florian father. He and his mother work servant jobs to stay in Florence, where he faces racial stigma for his heritage. Initially you are against being friends with someone with Norinan blood, but as you two grow together he becomes your best friend. His arrest and trial as a Norinan despite being Florian-born inspires you to fight for his rights.
    • Ellie is your high school classmate who you've had a crush on forever. Like most Florians in your community, she has a distaste towards the increasing Norinan population in Florence and will react negatively to the news that you have been interacting with them. She is not very impressed by the direction you have chosen for your life.
    • MOTHER? You live with your grandparents because your father was killed by Norinans, and they claim your mother gave you up after that. Nobody knows where she went nor whether or not she is alive. As you grow and pursue justice, you do not yet know that you are right on the path to discovering what really happened to her.

These are just a few of the 40+ characters in Florian each with their own story that will influence the player character's journey!