Our relationships shape us more than we think -- how we consider opportunities, how we process information, and how we form habits. In many ways, relationships are the most important things in our lives -- whether we're trying to form healthy habits, stay out of trouble, or find better opportunities.

And yet, research shows the average American has fewer than three close friends we can turn to for support. My hope is that we can help more people build positive relationships with people who expand their sense of possibility.

- Mark Zuckerberg


If you don't have relationships, you cannot know your potential. Where do you get your information from? How do you judge what is good and bad? Through whose eyes will you see things? What standard do you hold yourself to? And how will you know whether something is right or wrong for you? Florian is a game about relationships.

The player character will learn how to build relationships with each NPC, only it is TOUGH. The world of Florence seems to be trying do just the opposite by tearing people apart. By growing and fighting relationship battles will he finally learn the evil behind it all: an underground slave trade, the ultimate destroyer of relationship. What will he do next?


Bond Points

Each NPC has bond points for how much he or she trusts the player character. Only NPCs with increasing bond will be able to give him information that will proceed the game. Bond is increased when the player character chooses to share information with the NPC. However, sharing certain information will have consequences with other NPCs. Bonds can also be decreased based on the player character's choices.

Happiness Meter

The player character has a happiness meter that will affect how he makes choices. If his happiness is under 1/3, he will be unable to bond with NPCs. Happiness can be refilled by doing in activities he enjoys to collect items that can increase happiness. Happiness is decreased when NPCs are upset with the player character, and yelling doubles decrease rate. Upset grandparents or Ellie (his crush) will triple the effects.

The People

The narrative of Florian explores the changes in relationship between the player character and his family, friends, and even enemies as he matures and develops his own identity. He will learn lessons of forgiveness and how to reconcile relationships that have been damaged. Let's meet some people!

    • Peter
      is a kind boy and your only friend from your childhood. Because he is nice to everyone, he is often taken advantage of by other students in your class. His family is very religious.
      • Increased Bond
        • Invites you over to his house (only way to speak to his parents)
      • Decreased Bond
        • Expresses hurt which makes it difficult to receive key spiritual information
    • Ellie
      is your high school classmate who you've had a crush on forever. Like most Florians in your community, she has a distaste towards the increasing Norinan population in Florence.
      • Increased Bond
        • Can only be increased after a certain event
        • Confides in you about her relationships
        • Give you more information about Simon
      • Decreased Bond
        • Disregard what you say, which also will decrease your happiness
        • If rejection is triggered your happiness meter will be halved
    • Rona
      is a little Norinan girl you meet when you save from being assaulted by two Guardian Academy students. She is one of the many Norinans living in Florence to escape the oppression of humanity in her kingdom.
      • Increased Bond
        • Confide in you about her brother
        • Lets you inside her house (boost of happiness)
      • Decreased Bond
        • Won't allow you to enter the Norinan community
    • Royd
      is Rona's older brother, and mistakes you for Rona's attacker. He works as an attendant at the temple to be able to live in Florence but is skeptical to Florian beliefs.
      • Increased Bond
        • Tells you the history of the Norinans
        • Is more open and caring to Rona which affects your bond with her
      • Decreased Bond
        • Scripted attacks towards you decrease happiness meter by 1/3
        • If provoked behaves like enemy and takes 1/8 of happiness meter each time
    • Ida
      is a young woman who spends a lot of time studying at the temple and discovers you beaten up after your encounter with Royd. She is fascinated by the worship of the spirits.
      • Increased Bond
        • Tips you off about her suspicions about the Guardian Academy
        • After 3/4 bond opens up about her birth status and Thomas
      • Decreased Bond
        • not affected
    • Sander
      is a half-Norinan half-Florian who studies at the temple with Ida. His later arrest and trial as a Norinan despite being Florian-born inspires you to fight for his rights.
      • Increased Bond
        • Reveals how he and Ida know each other at 3/4 bond
        • Introduces you to his mother at MAX bond
      • Decreased Bond
        • A certain event can empty your happiness wheel
    • Paul
      is a priest at the temple, the last house of worship. When your loved ones turn against you, Paul invites you to become his student and study the history of Florence to reveal your path.
      • Increased Bond
        • not affected

      • Decreased Bond
        • not affected

    • Toryl
      is a young Norinan woman found on the streets, appearing to have escaped from drug and abuse. Her memories may contain vital clues.
      • Increased Bond
        • Cannot engage in dialogue until 1/2 bond
        • Will reveal her secret at 3/4 bond
        • Remembers key detail at MAX bond
      • Decreased Bond
        • Reverses her healing progress
        • Automatically decreases after an amount of time without interaction

These are just a few of the 40+ characters in Florian each with their own story that will influence the player character's journey!